The Crown Wars

Gringotts or Bust
Session 5
Eldriin Who?
Session 4
Flirtin' and Flyin'
Session 3
Where did I put those companions?!
Session 2

Upon waking in The Delirious Emu, Aritotelis Alexander went and knocked on the door to the rooms of Arron Black, Kryton Voidstar, and Keiga. After waiting a few minutes at each door Arty gave up on waiting for them. Going downstairs, and talking to the same bartender he had seen everytime he came into the Emu, Arty was given a letter left for his entire party.
It read as:

Dear Compatriots,
It was a joy accompanying you all on our journeys. However, and it pains me to say, we must part ways. I believe I can find more information on the mysterious mark and our circumstances by myself. Please take no affront to your persons by my actions. I must do this to stay true to myself, for I walk the lonely path. Farewell once possible friends.

Sincerely, Keiga

Sadded by he note, Arty thanked the barkeep and decided he would go and look for a shop in town. Wandering around aimlessly for a few hours, because asking for directions would sting his pride, Arty found himself in front of Reave Keep. Using his standing as a noble Arty was granted an audience with the Lord of the Keep, and of Trademount itself, Lord Lazarus. The meeting was both short and unhelpful. Learning nothing of the mark on his arm, or of any work to be had. Dissmissed as a distraction Lord Lazarus left Arty after a very short time.
While exiting the meeting room he had been in Arty ran into a ferocious sight, Eldriin Bloodwrath the dragonborn paladin.

A Goat, an Emu, and the Coconut
Session 1

Upon waking in a field in the middle of a forested area our adventures were slightly confused not knowing how they got there, or why the were there. As Arron Black, Aritotelis Alexander, and Keiga looked around to find some clues about why they were there. Kryton Voidstar, who awoke in the top of a coconut tree, decided to break the tension by tossing a coconut at the head of one Aritotelis. The coconut whipped through the air, and with a resounding crack, connected with the skull of the stranger Aritotelis.


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